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Newsletter on "Seeking greener pastures" - B Side/ 18 June 2020


Join in the 2020 Construction Startup Competition — Leonard is a partner of the “2020 Construction Startup Competition”. Along with Ferrovial, Hilti, and NOVA by Saint-Gobain, we joined the competition with the objective of identifying and fostering startups to lead the transformation of the construction industry. Calling all innovators: join us! 

— Enjoy, hope to meet you soon again, out of confinement! 



Demo Day



Every day until this Friday, the startups from our CATALYST accelerator programme are talking about their success stories working side by side with VINCI Group operating entities in a variety of areas including construction, mobility, worker safety, real estate and robotics. 

Join us and zoom in on these innovative companies’ value propositions and the use cases they have developed with VINCI,during live conversations with entrepreneurs and operations team members. Staytuned to meet Smartvid, Hiboo, Holobuilder, AOS, Waycare, Kenzen, Converge,Civdrone, Spacemaker, Direxyon and Vizcab. 

Past conferences are available for replay on our YouTube channel

This videoconference will be broadcast live - (in english)



Mobility - seeking greener pastures

Just like good old vinyl records, our newsletters now have two sides: the A-Side provides a choice of articles revolving around a central theme that is changing the way we design, build and operate cities and infrastructure, and the B-Side provides suggestions for further reading on the same topic.  

The active-mobility revolution is already happening in urban areas, but opportunities are also rising to the surface for innovative mobility players in suburban and rural areas.



Will individual cars still reign supreme in rural areas?

Shared services are budding, autonomous and electric vehicles are appearing, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) deals are becoming available and bicycles seem poised to take over in suburban areas. Is rural mobility self-reinventing? Here are a few articles to start shedding light on the answer.



Our selection of innovative businesses #16

Commonwealth Fusion Systems, who aims to build a compact nuclear fusion power plant, has raised $84 million to do so. 

Schüttflix, a startup that delivers construction supplies on demand, recently raised €8 million. 

Lastly, Vizcab, a startup in our CATALYST programme, has raised €1.6 million for its smart solution to calculate a project’s full carbon footprint.




5:00 PM – ONLINE 


Meet Direxyon!


DIREXYON is a platform to functionally and financially model assets and complex infrastructure, such as electricity networks, motorways and railways. DIREXYON represents an interactive and accessible tool to assess the most profitable investments to achieve the desired level of service. The CEO of Direxyon, Marc-André Renaud, speaks with Benoît Kroely, Vice President of SIXENSE Systems Canada at VINCI Construction (in French).

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5:00 PM – ONLINE 


Meet Vizcab!


Vizcab is an automated life cycle analysis solution that allows construction and real estate businesses to manage the energy and carbon objectives of their projects and fully succeed the changes required to comply with the new environmental regulations in France introduced by RE2020. The CEO of Vizcab, Guillaume Lafont, speaks with Diego Harari, Director of Innovation and Sustainable Development at VINCI Immobilier (in French).

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