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Newsletter "Logistique et commerce" - A Side / 13 March 2020



Global Warming — Tech to the rescue? – CleanTech, ClimateTech and the like boomed, busted and now seem ready to bounce back. What exactly are they and what exactly can they do? Read our Emerging Trends #5 presentation to reach your own conclusions. 

Enjoy, and see you soon at Leonard:Paris!



Energy sobriety, by hook or by crook?



How might decarbonisation, energy efficiency and energy sobriety combine to make the energy transition happen? Or, from the opposite angle, can the energy transition happen without serious limitations on energy consumption? 

Depending on developments in the health crisis, this event may be available as a webcast. 


The A-Side

Logistics and retail in cities

Just like good old vinyl records, our newsletters now have two sides: the A-Side provides a choice of articles revolving around a central theme that is changing the way we design, build and operate cities and infrastructure — and the B-Side provides suggestions for further reading on the same topic. 

This month, we look at logistics and retail in cities. 



Smart construction’s heyday? 

On the one hand, digital technology is enhancing building design, construction and operation. On the other hand, the urban areas where new buildings are appearing are extremely complex and cluttered. This article is about the art of organising a worksite, and how it is being reinvented.



Three future outlooks for city logistics

Urban concentration and the rapid expansion of e-commerce are reshaping city-centre logistics. The scenarios going forward range from logistics anarchy due to laisser-faire regulation, to cities taking back legal and financial power, and on to GAFA taking over entirely. The city of the future will be somewhere between all of the above.



“We are aiming to recreate local logistics”

How exactly is digitalisation redefining urban logistics? Frédéric Delaval, Director of the Urban Logistics strategic programme for the La Poste Group and Chairman of Urby, told us about his experience.



Our selection of innovative businesses #9

Built Robotics intends to take autonomous construction machinery to the next level with the $48 million it recently raised.

HaulHub has attracted $30 million with its plans to digitalise the construction supply chain. PlanRadar, a digital construction documentation platform, has raised 30 million.



As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread and efforts to curb it are being stepped up across the board, Leonard and Leonard:Paris residents have decided to cancel all events in our buildings until the end of March. We may take further measures regarding events scheduled after that and will keep you informed.




Presenting Europe’s Affordable Zero Energy Building project

A morning featuring workshops and conversations about Europe’s Affordable Zero Energy Building (AZEB) project.

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