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Newsletter "Mobility – seeking greener pastures" - A Side / 4 June 2020



Transition period – On May 6 and 12, the last two events of our environmental transition cycle took place. Go to our website to check out the reviews of the “Financing the Transition in Cities and Regions” and the “Harnessing the Climate Transition as a Strategic Driver for Business” events. 

Enjoy, and let’s stay in touch during confinement!






Every day for the next 11 days, thestart-ups involved in our CATALYST accelerator program have prepared a real treat for you. The events include a presentation of the successful collaborations put in place with VINCI Group operating entities in construction, mobility, worker safety, real estate and robotics.  

We tell you everything you need to know about the value proposal of these partnerships and use cases developed with VINCI through direct dialogue between entrepreneurs and operational workers. The program includes involvement from, Hiboo, Holobuilder, AOS, Waycare, Kenzen, Converge, CivDrone, Spacemaker, Direxyon and Vizcab.  

You can also enjoy this event cycle through video conferences.


The A-Side

Mobility – seeking greener pastures 

Just like good old vinyl records, our newsletters now have two sides: the A-Side provides a choice of articles revolving around a central theme that is changing the way we design, build and operate cities and infrastructure — and the B-Side provides suggestions for further reading on the same topic. 

On the other side of the urban areas, where the active mobility revolution is taking place, peri-urban and rural regions offer new opportunities for innovative mobility providers. 



Moving beyond a purely urban focus, mobility is seeking greener pastures 

Outside the city center, a whole new world is out there for mobility specialists. A space in which flow logistics takes different considerations into account and new innovations are emerging.



Pierre Delaigue : “Autonomous mobility will help connect rural communities”

Autonomous and on-demand mobility services have a role to play in more sparsely populated areas. That’s why the infrastructure is gradually being put in place. Read on for details of the progress made and the challenges ahead with Leonard's director of connected, autonomous and electrical mobility projects. .


Looking ahead

Injecting momentum into rural mobility, a focus for society

Boosted by concepts such as dynamic roads, greater involvement from residents, inter-modal solutions and connections with new sectors, rural mobility could soon be free from the shackles of individual cars. But how?



8 start-ups for the health safety on construction sites

(Our selection of innovative businesses #15)

Announced a few weeks ago, the resumption of construction projects is good news, but it requires considerable changes to be put in place. 

To successfully rise to this challenge, we have identified eight start-ups with ideas to make it easier to comply with social distancing rules and remotely oversee operations.

They include, Ottogee, Rombit, Ubudu, Wakecap, ViiBE, Holobuilder and Sensat.




5:00 PM – ONLINE 
Connect with!
CATALYST CYCLE makes it possible to predict and prevent worksite accidents by analyzing images and videos taken on site. Based on the observations and analysis of “Vinnie”, its AI tool,’s safety suite helps to reduce incident rates by 30%. Smartvid’s CEO, Josh Kanner, speaks with Djamil Yahia-Ouahmed, Head of Data and AI at VINCI Construction.


5:00 PM – ONLINE 
Connect with Hiboo!
Hiboo is a SaaS app that helps construction companies optimize the way they oversee operations on the ground. Hiboo gathers data generated by connected machines, centralizes them in a single location and transforms them into value drivers. The founder and CEO of Hiboo, Clément Bernard, speaks with Reynald Bazille, Materials Engineer at Sogéa-Satom, and Aurélien Fabre, Materials Center Manager at VINCI Construction Terrassement (in French).


5:00 PM – ONLINE 
Connect with Holobuilder!
HoloBuilder is a construction tech company based in San Francisco that designs, develops and markets SaaS software for business. HoloBuilder provides reality capturing solutions to analyze construction progress and project management. By combining 360° photo capture and machine learning, Holobuilder has developed a fast and effective solution to document construction projects. The CEO of Holobuilder, Christian Claus, speaks with Ammar Herbi, Best Practice Project Manager at VINCI Construction France, and Arnaud Banner, Innovation and Technical Director at VINCI Energies.


5:00 PM – ONLINE 
Connect with AOS!
AOS optimizes the sub-contractor consultation process in the construction industry. The software simplifies the launch, tracking and analysis of proposals to enable technical teams to concentrate on their real job. The CEO of AOS, Marc Giraudot, speaks with Quentin Wavrant, Program Manager at VINCI Immobilier, and Matthieu Poylo, Tools and Non-Production Purchasing Director at VINCI Construction France (in French).


5:00 PM – ONLINE 
Connect with Waycare!
Waycare enables road infrastructure operators to harness the incredible amount of data generated by multiple sources, such as route planners, connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles and weather forecasts, to improve safety and proactively manage infrastructure. The Waycare platform includes a suite of cloud-based products as well as web and mobile interfaces that help identify, alert and respond to incidents rapidly. Director of Strategic Partnerships Paul-Matthew Zamsky speaks with Jérôme Pasteau, Head of the ITS Department at VINCI Autoroutes – Cofiroute Network, and Bernard Puceat, Director of Infrastructure Management Solutions at VINCI Energies Power & Mobility.


5:00 PM – ONLINE 
Connect with Kenzen!
Kenzen is a biometric monitoring platform that uses intelligent wearable technology to prevent issues related to heat and over exertion in the construction industry. Kenzen is currently working with a number of major industrial groups working throughout the world in renewable energy, raw material extraction and construction. The CEO of Kenzen, Heidi Lehmann, speaks with Balazs Gombos, BU Director at Soletanche Bachy Maroc.


5:00 PM – ONLINE 
Connect with Converge!
Converge integrates artificial intelligence with electronic sensors that capture data to digitize construction. Its first product, Concrete DNA, is a digital tool to monitor concrete curing using sensors embedded directly into the steel reinforcements and remotely transmit data on temperature, humidity and compression. The CEO of Converge, Raphael Scheps, speaks with Bruno Paul Dauphin, Vice President, Operations Geostock at VINCI Construction.


5:00 PM – ONLINE 
Connect with CivDrone!
CivDrone develops rapid marking solutions fitted on driverless vehicles to deliver an autonomous process that is four times faster than the standard procedure. Each post is programmed with construction instructions that can be accessed by the teams. Digitization and automation of the marking process reduces construction time, the number of errors and final costs. The CEO of Civdrone, Tom Yeshurun, speaks with William Haasz, Engineer at Ménard USA and Yvan Estienne, Director at VINCI Energies Transport et Transformation d’Energie.


5:00 PM – ONLINE 
Connect with Spacemaker!
Spacemaker uses artificial intelligence to instantly simulate and assess millions of variations and enable real estate project development teams to orient the planning and design to optimize space, usage and regulatory compliance. Jean Baptiste Watine, Director of Development France speaks with Fabrice Kerlogot, BIM Consultant at VINCI Immobilier and Alexandre Cousin, Head of Generative Design at VINCI Construction France – Direction opérationnelle Travaux Publics Île-de-France et Travaux Maritimes et Fluviaux (in French).


5:00 PM – ONLINE 
Connect with Direxyon!
DIREXYON is a platform to functionally and financially model assets and complex infrastructure, such as electricity networks, motorways and railways. DIREXYON represents an interactive and accessible tool to assess the most profitable investments to achieve the desired level of service. The CEO of Direxyon, Marc-André Renaud, speaks with Benoît Kroely, Vice President of SIXENSE Systems Canada at VINCI Construction (in French).


5:00 PM – ONLINE 
Connect with Vizcab!
Vizcab is an automated life cycle analysis solution that allows construction and real estate businesses to manage the energy and carbon objectives of their projects and fully succeed the changes required to comply with the new environmental regulations in France introduced by RE2020. The CEO of Vizcab, Guillaume Lafont, speaks with Diego Harari, Director of Innovation and Sustainable Development at VINCI Immobilier (in French).

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