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Newsletter on "Biodiversity and urbanism" - B Side / 17 July 2020



Pioneering projects – Leonard is enlisting people with projects for its next contingents joining its four Leonard for Innovators programmes. We look forward to hearing from startups, VINCI employees and VINCI business units that are determined to play their part driving virtuous growth in construction, mobility, energy and real estate. Find out more about the programmes and apply on our website.  

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Building Beyond


21.09 - 02.10

Leonard looks forward to seeing you at Leonard:Paris and online for a series of conferences, workshops and networking opportunities, at our third Building Beyond festival, which will focus on:  

“The jobs of the future in cities and regions” 

Vertical farmers, builders 4.0, garbology experts, survival coaches, mobility designers and traffic-regulation architects are a few of the profiles that cities and regions are already hiring!  This Festival will take a closer look at the future of our jobs and their impact on urban areas.

There are about 20 conversations by 100 speakers on the programme. And stay tuned: we will be unveiling the details all summer long!



Biodiversity and urbanism

Just like good old vinyl records, our newsletters now have two sides: the A-Side provides a choice of articles revolving around a central theme that is changing the way we design, build and operate cities and infrastructure, and the B-Side provides suggestions for further reading on the same topic.  

Surreptitiously, nature has started building nests in the middle of cities. In the bigger picture, we are looking at a worldwide paradigm shift, which is reshaping the way we relate to the environment and the services we receive from the diversity of living systems in it.



Greening cities: new imaginary worlds… and fresh funding for them

Biodiversity champions are growing more vocal the world over, the climate crisis is amplifying their voices, and green initiatives are gaining ground in cities as a result. This has sparked a fair share of fanciful imaginary worlds – some prophetic, some aporetic – and a few down-to-earth funding initiatives, too. Here are a few of them.



Our selection of innovative businesses #18

Carbon Clean Solutions, which produces technology to capture and sequester CO2, has raised $22 million in its latest round. 
Axeleo Capital, a French investment fund, has set up a new vehicle for PropTech startups and endowed it with €50 million. 
ECOncrete, an Israeli startup, has raised €5 million and will invest it in biomaterials for marine constructions.


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