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Newsletter "Spaces beyond lockdown" - A Side / 7 May 2020



Meet our startups – At the beginning of June, Leonard invites you to meet the projects and innovative companies we support in our programs on the occasion of the Demo day on June 4 (more information in the event section). Daily meetings with the startups in our SEED program will illustrate the collaborations of these innovative companies with VINCI entities.

Enjoy, and let’s stay in touch during confinement!



The environment and business: climate transition as strategy



Climate change is causing increasing instability and uncertainty, and climbing to the top of strategic agendas in many businesses. How are they factoring in the effects of climate change over the long term, to meet a demand that is gaining a lot of traction in public opinion and on markets? How are they expecting their economic and regulatory environments to evolve? Can companies tackle climate change and grow at the same time?

We will be talking about this with Jérôme Stubler, Chairman of VINCI Construction and 3 other experts of the transition ahead.

This event will be held by videoconference (in French).


The A-Side

Spaces beyond lockdown 

Just like good old vinyl records, our newsletters now have two sides: the A-Side provides a choice of articles revolving around a central theme that is changing the way we design, build and operate cities and infrastructure — and the B-Side provides suggestions for further reading on the same topic. 

As lockdowns are starting to relax in several places, this month we look at how worksites, transport infrastructure and offices are adjusting to the new circumstances.



Covid-19 and worksites: the need for a metamorphosis and why it will cause mayhem

The long weeks of mothballing and furloughing are over, and work is picking up again. Stricter health and safety rules will be the new normal, restarting worksites will take some orchestrating, and the changes down the road will be nothing short of systemic. What are construction professionals looking at, exactly, and how are they going to deal with it?



Emilie Hergott (Gares & Connexions): “We can either run for shelter behind barricades, or try flexibility, adaptation and resilience”

Stations will play a key role as soon as the confinement starts easing –and are adapting fast. The teams are displaying amazing inventiveness and implicitly suggesting there are “opportunities rising to the surface”.



Offices go clean and lean

Offices have died, long live offices! The coronavirus has kick-started an overhaul in open spaces. What will they look like and what constraints will they have to deal with?



Our selection of innovative businesses #13

Innovation in architecture, engineering and construction during and after the Covid-19 crisis. 

The startups providing services that could simplify operations at airports when they reopen and rebound. 

Qarnot, a French startup that wants to make cloud computing greener, raises €6 million. 




5:00-8:00 PM – ONLINE 
Demo Day (in English)
Leonard invites you to its virtual Demo Day, on June 4, from 5:00PM to 8:00PM an opportunity to discover Leonard's intrapreneurial innovation programs. The purpose of Demo Day is to present Leonard's entrepreneurial activities to an audience that mixes VINCI's employees with our external partners (investors, universities, incubators, press, corporate).

5:00PM – 6:30PM – Demo Day Pitch Time
As a first step, our Demo Day will present the following startups accelerated by Leonard through our SEED program:
– Build2B: the first B2B platform for freelancers in the construction industry that allows contractors to rapidly find the best freelancers by bringing an easy to use, cost-effective and reliable solution.
– Soliquid: making possible optimized design and prefabrication of freeform systems for the construction industry through an innovative, patented large-scale additive manufacturing process with a generative design approach enabling a fully integrated design-to-production workflow.
– EP Tender:  a « Batterie as a Service » solution that allows drivers to travel with peace of mind by extending the range of affordable electrical vehicules while providing grid services for energy storage.
– Inergeen: designs and sells Cubeen, a tailor made and sustainable modular construction. Cubeen is the first concept with fully reusable interior design for temporary spaces and building extensions.
– VanO: an on-demand van service dedicated to medium-size cities.In addition we will showcase a VINCI initiative originating from our Intrapreneurship program:

– Waste Market Place: a cost-saving, easy-to-use and eco-friendly solution to handle construction waste through a digital waste management platform.

6:30PM-8:00PM – Expo and Networking
Participants will be invited to discover each start-up via dedicated booths and will be able to interact within the networking space.


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