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Technologies & Environment Newsletter – The A-Side
13 December 2019

Welcome, founders!  SEED, VINCI’s acceleration programme, kicked off in September 2019 and welcomed its first six startups this 9 December. They will be shaping tomorrow’s construction, mobility and energy businesses and markets. 
Environment talks – Cities are on the front line in the battle against climate change – and need to pioneer new ways of tackling green house gas emissions. We spoke about that on 28 November.
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New technologies and sustainable growth: an outdated model?


January 15 - 7:00 PM

Can technology enable us to prolong our growth model? If not, how should we change that model? (in French)

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Our newsletters, like good old vinyl records, will have two sides from now on: 

- An A-Side, which is the one you are reading now, featuring articles revolving around the month’s topic; 

- A B-Side, which will come out in two weeks’ time, suggesting further reading on the same topic. 

This month, we explore the ways in which technologies can contribute to the environmental transition.


A brief history of clean technology

Cleantech companies once enjoyed a golden age, but the financial downturn stifled the keen interest they had attracted. Now, widespread awareness that the ecological transition can’t wait is preparing the stage for their comeback.

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Can algae farmers help cities?      

Algae are a healthier option for urban agriculture, help eliminate pollution and can be used to make new materials. They seem to be opening the door to plenty of possibilities, especially for innovation in cities.

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Is hydrogen just hot air?

Some say it’s the miracle cure-all, others dismiss it as nonsense. Hydrogen is often hailed as a pillar in the transition to a carbon-free economy, and the discussions about it are often impassioned. We’ve charted three possible scenarios showing the ways in which this gas may be used in the future.

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Our selection of innovative businesses #3

Capturing CO2 from concrete, improving worksite safety, digital processes to build more sustainable homes, and more. Here’s the third Radar, on the hottest innovative deals in construction, mobility, real estate and anergy. 

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New technologies and sustainable growth: an outdated model? (in French -  "Ecological transition" series)


Tomorrow, reinventing mobility? 
(in French -  "Ecological transition" series)


Is sustainable construction a mirage?  (in French -  "Ecological transition" series)

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