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“Robotics and construction” Newsletter - Side A / 16 January 2020

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The best of deep tech  For the second year running, Leonard is partnering Hello Tomorrow, the Deep Tech global summit. Together with VINCI experts, we contributed to the selection of 80 startup finalists in the “SmartCity” category, whose names will be unveiled on 16 January and who will meet in the final during the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit taking place 12-13 March2020!

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VR Arles Festival: discover the best in Virtual Reality with Leonard



From31 January (professionals-only day) to 2 February 2020, the VR Arles Festival takes up its winter residence at Leonard:Paris. 


Side A
Robotics and construction

Like a good old vinyl record, our newsletters will continue over two sides. Side A features analysis of a game-changing issue in the construction and infrastructure businesses. Side B offers suggested reading to delve deeper into that issue.  

This month, we explore the question of using robotics to support construction activities.



Worksite automation: is the promise about to materialise?

Heralded for many years but never becoming a reality, the robotic revolution that would put an end to delays and budget overruns on worksites could actually be just about to happen! An interview with Chloé Clair, CTO of VINCI Construction.



Benjamin Dillenburger: “It’s breakthrough time for the digitalisation of construction”

Architect and professor of Digital Building Technologies at ETH Zurich, Benjamin Dillenburger shares his vision of construction’s possible futures. Robotics, 3D printing and parametric design: we missed none of the hot topics!



In Japan, robotics and construction work side by side

To bolster the labour force needed to build the infrastructure for the 2020 Olympic Games, Japan has turned to AI and robotics. 



Our selection of innovative businesses #5

Smart analysis of waste being tested by Sidewalk Labs (Alphabet) in Toronto, a city lab for futuristic innovations soon to be built by Toyota, and Lime’s electric scooters about to disappear from 12 cities...





Innovation day – ID19 Innovation Grand Prix

A complete review of trends in digital innovation (in French).




Will the city of tomorrow be shaped by Google? 

For their New Year's reception, La Fabrique de la Cité invites you to discuss this hot topic with the Canadian lawyer and former head of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada Chantal Bernier.

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10:00 AM -18:00 PM - LEONARD:PARIS

VR Arles Festival: discover the best in virtual reality with Leonard

From1-2 February 2020, the VR Arles Festival takes up its winter residence atLeonard:Paris  (in French).

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Ecological transition programme

Reinventing mobility for tomorrow?

The fourth meeting of our programme devoted to the environment will tackle the issues and challenges of low-carbon mobility (in French).

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