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Newsletter "Circular economy and construction" - Side A / 10th December 2020



πŸ…On the podium! - Congratulations to all the winning start-ups of the Construction Startup Challenge 2020 #CSC2020, of which Leonard is a partner. Congratulations to Carbicrete, Modulous, Okibo Ltd, Voyage Control and special kudos to Hiboo, a member of our CATALYST program!

πŸš€Intrapreneurs programme - The selection committee for VINCI's Intrapreneurs programme met on Wednesday December 9 to hear the presentations delivered by 17 teams of VINCI employees, selected among 80 projects
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Futures Literacy Summit 2020

Leonard is a partner of the UNESCO virtual summit dedicated to prospective gathering more than 100 organizations from 8th to 12th December. An opportunity to connect with more than 40 global leaders and experts debatting why Futures Literacy matters.

Side A

Circular economy and construction

Just like good old vinyl records, our newsletters now have two sides: the A-Side provides a choice of articles revolving around a central theme that is changing the way we design, build and operate cities and infrastructure, and the B-Side (on your inbox in a fortnight!) provides suggestions for further reading on the same topic.

Can the circular economy help construction deliver on its promises to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions? Discover the best practices in the sector and the innovative stakeholders supporting the sector.



The circular economy of the construction industry (no going round in circles)

As a key stage in the ecological transition, the circular economy aims to put an end to traditional linear production that extracts, transforms and then throws away. It seems like an ambitious promise on paper, but one where results still seem difficult to measure.



Four jobs of the future for circular lands and cities

We must invest in new skills if we want to develop the circular economy. Mass reskilling is required, especially in the construction industry.



Urban metabolism and circular economy challenges on a city-wide scale

The circular economy is the focus of debate surrounding sustainable construction. When applied on a local level across a city or region, its various concepts are grouped under the umbrella term of urban metabolism.



Our selection of innovative businesses #23

Canvas, the American startup that automates the installation of partitions, presents its first prototype to the public. Factory OS attracts investment from Facebook, Google and Morgan Stanley... among others. EuraTechnologies has just launched a new incubation program: Prop3rty.



20.01 / 9AM-10AM


5G uses and challenges in cities and territories

Mobility, industry 4.0, energy... how the new 5G networks will be use by the territories? We will review different use cases and question the Germany experience, which launched the deployment of its networks just over a year ago.

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