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Newsletter "Circular economy and construction" - Side B / 24th December 2020



🚀 AI Program After a month of implementation, the 13 teams of VINCI employees in the IA programme presented their projects to the innovation directors of VINCI on Friday, December 18th. More than 20 courses have been given through 100 hours of training!

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💡 Progress tomards tomorrow's mobilities - The French National Strategy for the Development of Automated Road Mobility 2020-2022 enshrines the importance of the contribution of infrastructure to the development of the autonomous vehicle. 

✨ A year of startup development and innovative projects - Guillaume Bazouin, head of startups and intrapreneurship programs at Leonard, shared an overview of our first cohorts' results in an interview with the authoritative Le Moniteur.

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Applications and challenges of 5G networks in cities and infrastructure 

How will the new 5G networks enable new usages in mobility, industry 4.0, smart buildings or energy? We will review different use cases for 5G and learn from the experience acquired in Germany, where 5G has been deployed for just over a year.

Side B

Circular economy and construction

Just like good old vinyl records, our newsletters now have two sides: the A-Side (read here) provides a choice of articles revolving around a central theme that is changing the way we design, build and operate cities and infrastructure, and the B-Side provides suggestions.

Can the circular economy help construction deliver on its promises to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions? Discover the best practices in the sector and the innovative stakeholders supporting the sector.



Has circular economy come full circle?

Eco-friendly banality or roadmap for the climate transition? Whatever your opinion, circular economy is all the rage. Its pledge is simple: by optimizing all stages of the production chain, less resources and energy are used, thus preserving natural ecosystems.



Our selection of innovative businesses #24

Urban Canopee, a French solution to make cities greener and cooler, has just raised €1.7 million from the Banque des Territoires and BTP Capital Investissement. Versatile and its "CraneView" attract a $20 million investment. raises 5 million dollars for its solution to secure building sites thanks to AI.




2021 Cohort Launch

Leonard will gather the teams from the 4 new cohorts of our acceleration and support programmes. On the agenda: founders' workshops and inspiring speakers. (Programme partners only)

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