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"Mobility: high-speed rail and air travel seek a place in cities" Newsletter - A side /  April, 2nd 2021



🌎 VINCI Environment Awards - The final stretch for all VINCI employees to vote for more than 2,500 innovative projects designed to shape the world of tomorrow. Many of the projects nominated for the Environment Awards were born of our foresight work and the imagination of participants in the accelerator programs led by Leonard.

🚀 Leonard in augmented reality - Construction News mentions the successes of AVUS, the technology that grew out of Leonard's Intrapreneurs program and developed in the UK by Eurovia. AVUS is a 3D modeling, management and augmented reality visualisation platform for underground networks
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APRIL, 14TH - 08.30 AM

The hydrogen sector, a key player in the energy transition. Inaugural conference

Attend the inaugural conference of our new event cycle: "The hydrogen sector: a key player in the energy transition" (in French).

Hydrogen is now the favourite "energy vector" of the media and public opinion. The European States are devoting very substantial funding to it. This conference initiates a new cycle of six meetings proposed by Leonard, the Energy Observer Foundation and the Société pour l'Encouragement de l'Industrie Nationale. We invite you to discover the uses as well as the technical and economic challenges of the hydrogen sector.

A side

Mobility: high-speed rail and air travel seek a place in cities

Just like good old vinyl records, our newsletters are now available on two sides: the A-Side provides a choice of articles revolving around a central theme that is changing the way we design, build and operate cities and infrastructure, and the B-Side (in a fortnight) provides suggestions for further reading on the same topic.

We have devoted many articles to the transformations of the urban fabric and infrastructures that the autonomous car could bring. Here, we look at the mobility of tomorrow from the perspective of two other disruptive technological innovations: Hyperloop trains and passenger transport by drones.



Drones and the city: coming to urban skies near you

Will drones make the fantasy of the flying car come true? Although urban constraints remain very strong, more and more projects suggest a positive answer!



[conversation] Pierre Becquart, Head of Urban Air Mobility at RATP group

"The issue is less about urban traffic congestion – which this form of mobility doesn’t seem to solve, but rather how to complement cities’ global mobility solutions."



Hyperloop(s): speed, but at what cost?

Engineers around the world have been fantasizing about Hyperloop and its promise for speed since 2013. However, the technical, economic and infrastructural reality is a little more nuanced that all may seem!



Our selection of innovative businesses #31

Vestack raises €2.6 million to increase development of its bio-based buildings. Israeli startup Veev raises $100 million to develop its modular housing construction solution. SkyMul drones automating rebar tying. Hong Kong-based viAct raises $2 million for its automated construction monitoring platformAvus, Eurovia’s augmented reality solution trialed in London.


14.04 - 10.00 to 11.30 AM


Demo Day Finals – 2020 CEMEX Ventures Startup Challenge TOP5

At the BuiltWorlds Venture Conference in December 2020, five gold medalists were selected as the most promising solutions in the 2020 Construction Startup Competition, launched by CEMEX Ventures, Ferrovial, Hilti, Leonard and NOVA Saint Gobain. This Demo Day competition is open to the general public. Hiboo and Voyage Control, two companies from our CATALYST programme, are in the TOP 5! 


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